Oct. 15, 2011

【3c】Deep Psych

[have you ever dream of this?]

There are certain deep psychology appeals that are useful in the daily life.  There are ten of them that I can think of, and would be quite useful in finding something deep and meaningful within yourself, as well as, in identifying other people’s actions that you think are weird.  Here we go:
1.       In order to comfort a crying person, the best way is not to say “Do not cry,” but say, “You must be very painful so cry” or “I’ll cry with you”.  These phrases reflect empathy, which is the highest level of human comfort, as allows people to understand the suffering of others, while they accompany them in their suffering.
2.      If you think the world is full of love and that life is very good, then it is because your heart is full of love and beauty.  If someone says to you that everyone around the person is not good, then it is because the person’s heart is full of hostility to others.  Psychological defense mechanism makes the person hostile to the other person who hates him or attacks him.  Thus, through inner self-evaluation, defense mechanism may become the ingredient to become hostile to the other person, while negatively affecting normal relationships.
3.      When thinking about a person, feel the joy and not the love because by feeling love, loss of contact would lead to inner experiences of depression.
4.      In many cases, the present memory or fantasies are usually contaminated.  If a person is accustomed to a high degree of control over their partners and the people around them, the high degree of control is usually being passed on to the other people around them.  Subconsciously, that person may want to maintain the loyalty of the past, and this drives the other people to loneliness and rejection, while emotionally polluting the environment.
5.      Some people can be in a crowd laughing in happiness and joy.  Interesting people do not suppress their own subconscious, unlike the boring, cautious ones who tend to suppress their subconscious.

[if you see a woman, you are a man; if you see a moon, you are a woman]
6.      In the absence of religious traditions in the environment, children usually grow up to be religious because of the delayed response of their early trauma.  On the contrary, if there are religious traditions in the family that keep them healthy in body and in mind, people become more pure and more comfortable than the other children.
7.      Memory seeks to express itself even if it is to be buried or suppressed.  It seeks to love those who love them, and hates to re-hate those who hate them.  It likewise seeks to re-abuse those who abused them.  Too much depression will lead to an unhealthy body, as the body will be the way to express the disease.  Cardiac diseases, such as ulcers, neurodermatitis, and mouth ulcers, are usually the cause of psychological problems or imbalances that when treated accordingly, would not lead to pain.
8.      A perfectionist who cannot tolerate flaws usually blames other people for things that they are guilty of.
9.      Sensitivity can vary among people.  If people mean money, they will become stingily very sensitive.
10.  Attitudes, perceptions, emotions, and behavior are a person’s “Church”.  If the person considers himself or herself to be unlucky, others will think he is indeed unlucky.  So how should a teacher teach a student who is inferior in class?  The teacher should firmly believe that the student is good or has a good side in him or her.  As it helps the student improve, it proves that the teacher was the “Church” or guidance of the student.
YOU will happy when you know the reason for the people acting in a way you don't like.


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