Oct. 25, 2011

【4c】Will you PROPOSE in this way? [Flash mob activities]

My friend sent me a video the other day about a flash action, wherein a UCLA student proposes to his girlfriend.  Flash actions have become popular nowadays, and many guys choose such an interesting way to propose their true intentions.  This is such a romantic way of proposing, and it can even organize many other activities besides proposing.  I searched the web to gain knowledge on what flash actions really are.
The term “flash mobs” refers to a group of people who gather in a usually predetermined location to perform some brief action and then quickly disperse.  There is collaboration and accuracy to the time used, which increases the participants’ enthusiasm and keep them unified in performing the brief action. 
While gathered in a video store, a band of people shouts “I want to buy flowers bloom dynasty,” after which the agents would quickly disappear from sight; or a band of people in a bus station during rush hour would suddenly shout from all sides together saying “Flower Band we love you!” after which the agents would just quickly disappear.  This strange event is similar to how people spread from all corners of the world. 
The participants are mostly young, creative, and have strange funny, weird ideas.  Flash actions happen in just a few minutes or even less than a minute, thus, it is important for the flash mob to have the necessary basic equipment, since accuracy of time is important.  In addition to this, there are certain local regulations and safety measures that are followed, not to mention the ethnic resonance that keeps the flash mob unified.  If someone has the courage to try out the novel idea of flash actions that young people have claimed to have found, then why not join with the like-minded friends’ fun of flash mob?
Flash mob, in nature, has the desire to surpass themselves in a striking, sudden lightning party.  In this regard, some experts believe that the modern society has developed the ability to reflect and express their inner attention through a “senseless” game demonstrated for public self-expression and self-publicity through jokes that give them belongingness to the group.  There is a psychological need attached to it, and together with the laws and regulations of the group, they keep their minds safe and their beings away from prejudice. 
To reduce the pressure from the background, flash mobs view flash actions in a matter of three angles.  The first angle reflects that the surface is nonsense and should not matter to the group.  The second angle reflects that a certain stimulus should be sought for to make allow the group to act in unison.  The third and final angle reflects that, in a modern society, citizens feel a sense of worthlessness and meaninglessness, allowing them to join other citizens in acting out their impulses to the emotion.   With these three angles, flash actions provide a platform for the youth to vent out their emotions, releasing the pressure from the inside.
To attract the attention of the public, flash mobs usually demonstrate by shouting or allowing babies to cry, which then attracts the attention of the public, leading them to respond to the action being done by the flash mob.  Through self-generated active, aggressive actions, the flash mob seeks to stimulate the background in order to search for a deeper meaning in life and release the anxiety, which brings relief to themselves.  However, because flash actions rarely have a specific meaningful purpose aside from self-expression, they may not carry any significance, which indeed could be the beginning of a public strike. 
Thus, would you attend a flash action?  Or organize one like the guy in the video did?


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