Nov. 24, 2011


Love between Sunflower and Sun

They say that the sun is all to the sunflower, and that the sunflower can give everything to the sun.  The sunflower is not accounted for in the heart of the sun, but there is no driving force for the sunflower, which causes the sun to gradually wither.  Even the sun emits light it becomes pale, cold like Sibing.  In large tracts of warm sunshine, the sunflower is the driving force for the sun.  Left alone in the huge sky, the sun bows down to see the pieces of warm yellow flowers, dispersing the emptiness that the sun feels.  Their play may be a silly way of attraction, but all the same, the sun never stops walking around her, with only peripheral vision to drive them together as if born to be integrated into one.   
Hence, if this day the sun faces away the triumphant tears of light, heavy to hang his head on the sky.  If this day, the sun and sunflower bury their yellow faceplates, turning bright colors to one that gradually fades dry.  If this day, the sunflower is being removed, leaving the sun some beautiful green stems that are humble but proud.  Hence, this day, the sun’s light is no longer as warm as in spring, leaving only the white cold shed, with not even the opportunity to regret the rest.  The sunflower leaves a tear to the sun that, although not yet shed, evaporates the water that the sunflower chooses not to watch. 
Perhaps the sunflower is really getting tired because she has been hurt for so many times and wanted to give up.  However, the sun cannot give reasons to justify, not allowing the sunflower to give up.  For many times the sun has experienced hurt; yet, he stands proud and seemingly strong, so that the sunflower should have no reason to give up.  True, the sunflower will never be the sun, and no one can easily let go.  For this the sun says, “Please, Sunflower, follow the direction of the sun because we are one and the same.  We are all children but a group of children who pretend to be innocent yet mature.  We are all children but a group of vulnerable children who pretend that they can stand strong.  We are all children but a group of wise children who know that love brings pleasure despite the hurt.  We are all children but a group of cheerful children who laugh in the sun with impunity by day and hysterical by night.  We are all children but a group that is parked in the harbor and full of holes.  We are all children but a group that picks up the pen and writes with the young children.”  Words cannot bring out the pain but it can comfort the soul.  Words are not static tanks, so that perhaps, the road has too many twists and turns, which disappears when the waves have been calmed.  The final picture then will not be a blood-stained setting sun nor a Xiaofeng moonlight, but the picture of a sunflower and a sun that, by the touch of sunshine, inspires a group of smiling children to write more about the gorgeous sunshine.  
The long and lonely night allows one to wait for the growth of the most productive time, while quietly sitting in the window holding the knees.  Can a little bit of loneliness and darkness devour the soul?  Everything seems to show the face of the night, but those who keep their faces on the sun keep the promise variegated, with a determination to continue in spite of the fragileness of the soul.  As too many people get tired of waiting, and seemingly tired of everything, they stay firm in their decision to continue and never give up.  Giving up would entail the warm sun to be gone, leaving behind a longer night.  Yet, for those who persevered, they will see the red sun rising within the distant horizon.  The beautiful scenery leaves them entailed to enjoy life to the fullest, leaving behind those who drop out of the tourists, seeing only the small flaws of the captivating scenery.  

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【5b】If I Wake Up and Found You become a Something [crazy thoughts of mine]

If I Wake Up and Found You become a Something
                                         [Here, take my umbrella.....I know I will melt not matter what]

Someday when I wake up, I will find you sleeping beside me but turned into a bun.  With this I ask, was I to be bread to her?  Or be seen as a person?
For the love of me, I will always look to her in a different way, imagining her to be something which she is not but which I find her to be so alike.  But the expression does not come out.
I placed her up properly—absolutely not in the kitchen or dining table for she cannot eat.  I wish to inform the family about her, prohibiting any bread, to ensure that under no circumstances will I confuse her from any other bread.  This is a necessary sacrifice to protect her life and keep her from any other harm.
Shelf life can also be a big problem for bread can degenerate and turn moldy within a day or two.  To this end, I want to buy a refrigerator for her alone—one with a freezing function.  But since bread cannot be refrigerated, since it will become hard as stone—frozen until the holidays—I need to bring her out to make her fresh like before.  Of course, this refrigerator should be exclusively for hers alone, and I shall not put anything in it so as to avoid the mess it will bring when she scavenges the food she was addicted to.
She loves clean things, and for this she should be fresh bread—sanitary and clean to the inside.  I need to give her a bath everyday, and using the best tissues and wipes, I will wipe away slowly, careful not to bruise her skin for bread is fragile, with only a thin layer of dough to act as her only barrier, so be sure to protect.  Her home needs regular worming to prevent her from having insect bites that would destroy her without my knowledge.
As for her school, QQ, watercress, this I will help her continue to take care of.  She has told her friends to travel and go, and probably more than half will come back.  So, should others know that she has become bread?  Occasionally, travel photos are usually being posted on the web, so I guess she definitely do not want to have her friends know that she has become a bun.
She has turned into bread, and for this I am sad.  However, it will cost less travel time and would save a lot of money, especially in terms of accommodation.  I just live in Youth Hostel beds, and packed in her soft, I carefully selected a pocket on the pillow, while she still traveled the Quartet.  Her pictures and photo will attract passers-by, as they thought about what a man is doing with a big bun in his right hand and a big bag on the other.
I am the eyes of others, and I am afraid I will become a madman no matter where, to be with a bunch of bread that photographers would not care to take pictures of.  In spite of this, I will be recognized in the network, with a name called the Bread Man.  We will have a series of photos, showing my hand and my bread, or a happy hug, or excitedly kissing a bunch of bread.  She was treated like bread, and in the eyes of others I may have become crazy—widowed and crazy—but in my mind, I believe that my favorite is bread.  It is something normal, since everyone has his or her likes and wants.  That I can accept.
However, I do not admit that I have become a fetish form of lover.  I love not the bread but her alone.  Yet, since she has now become bread that I will fall in love with after the many changes in her, I will do things that would bring smile to her face.  I will take the trouble of explaining things to her parents with such an independent personality that they would be mesmerized with what I have done to my bread.  Whether or not she is bread, she is still a person like me.
Slowly, I will develop the habit of treating carefully every bread and never eating bread.  I hope that with my case people will begin to care for the right treatment of bread.  Looking at my bread, I smell her, instinctively opening my mouth, and in contact with her, turns in to a small kiss that is slow… my heart gradually calming down.  I only used to treasure a bunch of bread that for me is actually more than bread.  I am used to a quiet life.
I hope to travel with her photo plastered on a wall, with the other half normal and the other half bread.  By this, I am relieved that she would never go away, reminding me of her past happiness and how different time is when I am with her.  I would like to use the camera to record all her points of view—a record collection that is worth the time and the effort.  I will even use my computer to write an article on the bread of each diary.
I have always believed that one day, I will wake up around the bread, as it changes back to her usual self, silently sleeping in peace.  I would not be surprised, as I expect her to be back in reality where I knew her once to be.  Gently pulling the quilt to help her, I crept to pick up the camera, and then lay back in bed to take her photo.  She has finally come back.
In time I could tell her,
“In fact, what those who give up, depression, withdrawal, are false,
I just love you more than before.”

                                                   [All I want to is to turn old with you]

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Oct. 25, 2011

【4c】Will you PROPOSE in this way? [Flash mob activities]

My friend sent me a video the other day about a flash action, wherein a UCLA student proposes to his girlfriend.  Flash actions have become popular nowadays, and many guys choose such an interesting way to propose their true intentions.  This is such a romantic way of proposing, and it can even organize many other activities besides proposing.  I searched the web to gain knowledge on what flash actions really are.
The term “flash mobs” refers to a group of people who gather in a usually predetermined location to perform some brief action and then quickly disperse.  There is collaboration and accuracy to the time used, which increases the participants’ enthusiasm and keep them unified in performing the brief action. 
While gathered in a video store, a band of people shouts “I want to buy flowers bloom dynasty,” after which the agents would quickly disappear from sight; or a band of people in a bus station during rush hour would suddenly shout from all sides together saying “Flower Band we love you!” after which the agents would just quickly disappear.  This strange event is similar to how people spread from all corners of the world. 
The participants are mostly young, creative, and have strange funny, weird ideas.  Flash actions happen in just a few minutes or even less than a minute, thus, it is important for the flash mob to have the necessary basic equipment, since accuracy of time is important.  In addition to this, there are certain local regulations and safety measures that are followed, not to mention the ethnic resonance that keeps the flash mob unified.  If someone has the courage to try out the novel idea of flash actions that young people have claimed to have found, then why not join with the like-minded friends’ fun of flash mob?
Flash mob, in nature, has the desire to surpass themselves in a striking, sudden lightning party.  In this regard, some experts believe that the modern society has developed the ability to reflect and express their inner attention through a “senseless” game demonstrated for public self-expression and self-publicity through jokes that give them belongingness to the group.  There is a psychological need attached to it, and together with the laws and regulations of the group, they keep their minds safe and their beings away from prejudice. 
To reduce the pressure from the background, flash mobs view flash actions in a matter of three angles.  The first angle reflects that the surface is nonsense and should not matter to the group.  The second angle reflects that a certain stimulus should be sought for to make allow the group to act in unison.  The third and final angle reflects that, in a modern society, citizens feel a sense of worthlessness and meaninglessness, allowing them to join other citizens in acting out their impulses to the emotion.   With these three angles, flash actions provide a platform for the youth to vent out their emotions, releasing the pressure from the inside.
To attract the attention of the public, flash mobs usually demonstrate by shouting or allowing babies to cry, which then attracts the attention of the public, leading them to respond to the action being done by the flash mob.  Through self-generated active, aggressive actions, the flash mob seeks to stimulate the background in order to search for a deeper meaning in life and release the anxiety, which brings relief to themselves.  However, because flash actions rarely have a specific meaningful purpose aside from self-expression, they may not carry any significance, which indeed could be the beginning of a public strike. 
Thus, would you attend a flash action?  Or organize one like the guy in the video did?

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Oct. 15, 2011

【3c】Deep Psych

[have you ever dream of this?]

There are certain deep psychology appeals that are useful in the daily life.  There are ten of them that I can think of, and would be quite useful in finding something deep and meaningful within yourself, as well as, in identifying other people’s actions that you think are weird.  Here we go:
1.       In order to comfort a crying person, the best way is not to say “Do not cry,” but say, “You must be very painful so cry” or “I’ll cry with you”.  These phrases reflect empathy, which is the highest level of human comfort, as allows people to understand the suffering of others, while they accompany them in their suffering.
2.      If you think the world is full of love and that life is very good, then it is because your heart is full of love and beauty.  If someone says to you that everyone around the person is not good, then it is because the person’s heart is full of hostility to others.  Psychological defense mechanism makes the person hostile to the other person who hates him or attacks him.  Thus, through inner self-evaluation, defense mechanism may become the ingredient to become hostile to the other person, while negatively affecting normal relationships.
3.      When thinking about a person, feel the joy and not the love because by feeling love, loss of contact would lead to inner experiences of depression.
4.      In many cases, the present memory or fantasies are usually contaminated.  If a person is accustomed to a high degree of control over their partners and the people around them, the high degree of control is usually being passed on to the other people around them.  Subconsciously, that person may want to maintain the loyalty of the past, and this drives the other people to loneliness and rejection, while emotionally polluting the environment.
5.      Some people can be in a crowd laughing in happiness and joy.  Interesting people do not suppress their own subconscious, unlike the boring, cautious ones who tend to suppress their subconscious.

[if you see a woman, you are a man; if you see a moon, you are a woman]
6.      In the absence of religious traditions in the environment, children usually grow up to be religious because of the delayed response of their early trauma.  On the contrary, if there are religious traditions in the family that keep them healthy in body and in mind, people become more pure and more comfortable than the other children.
7.      Memory seeks to express itself even if it is to be buried or suppressed.  It seeks to love those who love them, and hates to re-hate those who hate them.  It likewise seeks to re-abuse those who abused them.  Too much depression will lead to an unhealthy body, as the body will be the way to express the disease.  Cardiac diseases, such as ulcers, neurodermatitis, and mouth ulcers, are usually the cause of psychological problems or imbalances that when treated accordingly, would not lead to pain.
8.      A perfectionist who cannot tolerate flaws usually blames other people for things that they are guilty of.
9.      Sensitivity can vary among people.  If people mean money, they will become stingily very sensitive.
10.  Attitudes, perceptions, emotions, and behavior are a person’s “Church”.  If the person considers himself or herself to be unlucky, others will think he is indeed unlucky.  So how should a teacher teach a student who is inferior in class?  The teacher should firmly believe that the student is good or has a good side in him or her.  As it helps the student improve, it proves that the teacher was the “Church” or guidance of the student.
YOU will happy when you know the reason for the people acting in a way you don't like.

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Sep. 28, 2011

【2b】Simple Tatic of the DAY

Simple Tactic: what will you do?

One simple tactic of the day: When you are home and suddenly an armed criminal breaks into your house, which Kitchenware would you use to defend yourself? (Number from top to bottom no.1-5)
My answer would be no.1, the small fruit knife.  Imagine if I am lying on the sofa, watching TV.  Suddenly, someone breaks in.  A fruit knife will be the nearest weapon on my table in front of me.
A good thing about short knives is that the criminal would not notice that I have a weapon with me.  I would hide it in my long sleeve pajamas, or if it is summer, I would hide it behind my doll.  So, if he comes forward and grabs me, I can use my knife to stab him without hurting him deadly.
On the other hand, if I choose a long knife, I might have killed him if I defend too hard.  Besides, I gate too much blood bleeding on my white cushions.  Also, it is harder to control a long huge weapon, since I am only 155 cm. tall.  My intension is to defend myself from an attack, not to kill people.  After I injure him, I will call for help and call 911.
But all I can say is that, if I am home alone, I should have locked my door.  Haha!
What about you?  Which number would you choose?

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Sep. 21, 2011

【1b】Dear FRIENDS a Letter for you

【1 b】Dearest all, Do you know why I write this Blog?

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
Do you know why I write this blog?
Since I started school, I have no time to make travel plans anymore.  When I don’t have time to make travel plans anymore, my friends hate me.  When my friends hate me, they keep calling me no matter what time it is.  When they keep calling me no matter what time it is, I become frustrated.  When I become frustrated, I sleep a lot.  When I sleep a lot, I miss my lectures.  When I miss my lectures, it will affect my grades.  When my grades are affected, my mom becomes unhappy.  When my mom becomes unhappy, I can’t make travel plans anymore.
You see, Friends, it’s an endless cycle.  I did everything to make you happy, since I care for you, Friends. 
So the conclusion is, stop calling me during midnight to ask me about having travel plans.  I don’t have one yet.
Yours cheerily,

My friend sent me this post this morning while I was attending lecture.  This is a new style of how to complain stuffs on the net.  The original quote was: I am not happy.  When I am unhappy, I want to eat.  When I eat, I will become fat.  When I become fat, I become unhappy.  I found that this is a good way to express emotions in a hilarious way.  Things always happen for a reason, right?  It is frustrating when friends, who have graduated from a university and don’t have work to do, calls you every night to ask about weekend plans and travel plans.  As a result, this would be a good way to stop them from calling endlessly on the phone just to offer travel plans to people who have no desire of having one.
You can try to find ways to complain about your friends in a hilarious way without hurting their feelings~

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