Sep. 28, 2011

【2b】Simple Tatic of the DAY

Simple Tactic: what will you do?

One simple tactic of the day: When you are home and suddenly an armed criminal breaks into your house, which Kitchenware would you use to defend yourself? (Number from top to bottom no.1-5)
My answer would be no.1, the small fruit knife.  Imagine if I am lying on the sofa, watching TV.  Suddenly, someone breaks in.  A fruit knife will be the nearest weapon on my table in front of me.
A good thing about short knives is that the criminal would not notice that I have a weapon with me.  I would hide it in my long sleeve pajamas, or if it is summer, I would hide it behind my doll.  So, if he comes forward and grabs me, I can use my knife to stab him without hurting him deadly.
On the other hand, if I choose a long knife, I might have killed him if I defend too hard.  Besides, I gate too much blood bleeding on my white cushions.  Also, it is harder to control a long huge weapon, since I am only 155 cm. tall.  My intension is to defend myself from an attack, not to kill people.  After I injure him, I will call for help and call 911.
But all I can say is that, if I am home alone, I should have locked my door.  Haha!
What about you?  Which number would you choose?


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