Sep. 21, 2011

【1b】Dear FRIENDS a Letter for you

【1 b】Dearest all, Do you know why I write this Blog?

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
Do you know why I write this blog?
Since I started school, I have no time to make travel plans anymore.  When I don’t have time to make travel plans anymore, my friends hate me.  When my friends hate me, they keep calling me no matter what time it is.  When they keep calling me no matter what time it is, I become frustrated.  When I become frustrated, I sleep a lot.  When I sleep a lot, I miss my lectures.  When I miss my lectures, it will affect my grades.  When my grades are affected, my mom becomes unhappy.  When my mom becomes unhappy, I can’t make travel plans anymore.
You see, Friends, it’s an endless cycle.  I did everything to make you happy, since I care for you, Friends. 
So the conclusion is, stop calling me during midnight to ask me about having travel plans.  I don’t have one yet.
Yours cheerily,

My friend sent me this post this morning while I was attending lecture.  This is a new style of how to complain stuffs on the net.  The original quote was: I am not happy.  When I am unhappy, I want to eat.  When I eat, I will become fat.  When I become fat, I become unhappy.  I found that this is a good way to express emotions in a hilarious way.  Things always happen for a reason, right?  It is frustrating when friends, who have graduated from a university and don’t have work to do, calls you every night to ask about weekend plans and travel plans.  As a result, this would be a good way to stop them from calling endlessly on the phone just to offer travel plans to people who have no desire of having one.
You can try to find ways to complain about your friends in a hilarious way without hurting their feelings~


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