Nov. 24, 2011


Love between Sunflower and Sun

They say that the sun is all to the sunflower, and that the sunflower can give everything to the sun.  The sunflower is not accounted for in the heart of the sun, but there is no driving force for the sunflower, which causes the sun to gradually wither.  Even the sun emits light it becomes pale, cold like Sibing.  In large tracts of warm sunshine, the sunflower is the driving force for the sun.  Left alone in the huge sky, the sun bows down to see the pieces of warm yellow flowers, dispersing the emptiness that the sun feels.  Their play may be a silly way of attraction, but all the same, the sun never stops walking around her, with only peripheral vision to drive them together as if born to be integrated into one.   
Hence, if this day the sun faces away the triumphant tears of light, heavy to hang his head on the sky.  If this day, the sun and sunflower bury their yellow faceplates, turning bright colors to one that gradually fades dry.  If this day, the sunflower is being removed, leaving the sun some beautiful green stems that are humble but proud.  Hence, this day, the sun’s light is no longer as warm as in spring, leaving only the white cold shed, with not even the opportunity to regret the rest.  The sunflower leaves a tear to the sun that, although not yet shed, evaporates the water that the sunflower chooses not to watch. 
Perhaps the sunflower is really getting tired because she has been hurt for so many times and wanted to give up.  However, the sun cannot give reasons to justify, not allowing the sunflower to give up.  For many times the sun has experienced hurt; yet, he stands proud and seemingly strong, so that the sunflower should have no reason to give up.  True, the sunflower will never be the sun, and no one can easily let go.  For this the sun says, “Please, Sunflower, follow the direction of the sun because we are one and the same.  We are all children but a group of children who pretend to be innocent yet mature.  We are all children but a group of vulnerable children who pretend that they can stand strong.  We are all children but a group of wise children who know that love brings pleasure despite the hurt.  We are all children but a group of cheerful children who laugh in the sun with impunity by day and hysterical by night.  We are all children but a group that is parked in the harbor and full of holes.  We are all children but a group that picks up the pen and writes with the young children.”  Words cannot bring out the pain but it can comfort the soul.  Words are not static tanks, so that perhaps, the road has too many twists and turns, which disappears when the waves have been calmed.  The final picture then will not be a blood-stained setting sun nor a Xiaofeng moonlight, but the picture of a sunflower and a sun that, by the touch of sunshine, inspires a group of smiling children to write more about the gorgeous sunshine.  
The long and lonely night allows one to wait for the growth of the most productive time, while quietly sitting in the window holding the knees.  Can a little bit of loneliness and darkness devour the soul?  Everything seems to show the face of the night, but those who keep their faces on the sun keep the promise variegated, with a determination to continue in spite of the fragileness of the soul.  As too many people get tired of waiting, and seemingly tired of everything, they stay firm in their decision to continue and never give up.  Giving up would entail the warm sun to be gone, leaving behind a longer night.  Yet, for those who persevered, they will see the red sun rising within the distant horizon.  The beautiful scenery leaves them entailed to enjoy life to the fullest, leaving behind those who drop out of the tourists, seeing only the small flaws of the captivating scenery.  


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